Council Powers

Council Powers

Per Section 3.01 the legislative affairs of the Town shall be vested in a Council consisting of six councilmembers and a mayor. The Council shall constitute the governing body of the Town and shall have all municipal powers including, without limitation, all powers conferred by general law, except as limited by the Charter. Council shall have the power and authority to adopt such laws, ordinances, and resolutions as it shall deem proper in the exercise thereof.


Per Section 3.02 the mayor shall preside at the meetings of the Council and shall exercise such powers and perform such other duties as are or may be conferred and imposed upon him by the Charter or by ordinance or other applicable law. He shall have all the powers, rights, and privileges of a councilmember including the right to vote. He shall be recognized as the head of the Town government for all ceremonial and legal purposes, and he shall execute and authenticate legal instruments requiring his signature as such official.

In the event that the mayor is recalled, dies, becomes incapacitated for an extended period, ceases to be a resident of the Town, or is convicted of a felony, the mayor pro tem shall act as mayor, with all the powers and duties of the mayor. Mayor pro tem may serve as mayor until the next regular municipal election, at which time the Town shall elect a mayor for a four-year term. If, while acting as mayor, the Council seat of the mayor pro tem was filled in accordance with Section 3.06 of the Charter, he may not resume such seat but may be re-elected either as mayor or councilmember at the next general municipal election.

Mayor pro tem

Per Section 3.03 the mayor pro tem shall be a councilmember elected by a majority vote of the Council at the first organizational meeting and shall serve for a two-year term as mayor pro tem.

In the absence or disability of the mayor, the mayor pro tem shall perform all duties and have all powers of the mayor. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the mayor pro tem, the Council shall choose his successor.