Meet the Town Council

Isaac Levy


Paul Bowers


My name is Paul Bowers.Mayor Pro Tem Paul Bowers

I was blessed with the opportunity to move back to Larkspur nine years ago. Since then I married Lisa Bowers. I have five children, seven grandchildren and am currently employed with ASR Companies. I’m excited and proud to be part of Larkspur's controlled growth and development initiative, and uphold our town government’s newfound integrity and transparency principles.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you,
Council Member, Paul Bowers


Sandy McKeown



Sherilyn West


Sherilyn WestMember West

I am a Colorado native and moved to Larkspur in 1992 from Denver. In 2009 my home was landmarked by the Douglas County Historical Society as the Frink House as it was the home of Charles Frink the founder of the Frink Creamery.  During my time in Larkspur, I have served the Town on the Planning Commission, Town Council and as the Mayor.  I have two boys that grew up in Larkspur and they have blessed me with 7 grandkids.  I am currently self-employed and care for my mother that lives here with me.  I love the small-town atmosphere of Larkspur and enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty that surrounds us. I hope to maintain that beauty as we move into the future.