Election Commission

Per Section 2.10 of the Home Rule Charter, an election commission is hereby created consisting of the Town clerk and two qualified electors of the Town. The two qualified electors, during the term of office, shall not be Town officers or employees or candidates or nominees for elective Town office. These two members shall be appointed by the Council within ninety days following a regular municipal election for a term of two years and shall serve without compensation, except that the first election commission shall be appointed as provided in Section 13.08.

The Town clerk shall be the chairman. The election commission shall have charged of all activities and duties required of it by statute in this Charter relating to the conduct of elections in the Town. In any case, where election procedure is in doubt, the election commission shall prescribe the procedure to be followed.

The commission shall provide procedures to establish: proof of residence qualification, the determination of the winner by lot in the event of a tie vote, and the canvass of return. The election commission shall also provide for: ballots and sample ballots or voting machines, and the issuance of appropriate certificates.

Please contact the Town Clerk or the Election Commission with any questions you have regarding Town Elections.

Election Commission

Stephen Gonzales
Bill Holmes