Planning & Development

Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Department is dedicated to guiding residents and businesses through the process of developing their properties, keeping the Town Master Plan in mind as well as aiming to maintaining the beauty and small-town charm of Larkspur.

Current Projects under Review

9070 S Douglas Blvd Storage Building
This Site Plan was approved by the Planning Commission and Town Council. The project is permitted and currently under construction.

9138 Spruce Mountain Road
A Land use application for a site plan is being review by RG Associates.

9181 Spruce Mountain Road
A Land Use application for a site plan is under review by RG Associates.

Fox Farm Property
Lone Tree Trust presented their concept plan at a joint meeting with the Planning Commission and Town Council on 2/23/23.  The concept was withdrawn by the developer on 2/27/23. The developer submitted another concept and requested a review by the town's planner.  Another concept was submitted for review by the Planning Commission. It was presented at the Planning Commission meeting January 9, 2024.  See the Planning Commission meeting minutes for comments.


Projects on Hold

255 Upper Lake Gulch Road — Proposed Travel Center

             On October 16, 2023, the following motions were made & passed by council

MOTION:  Sandy McKeown made a motion to not accept the Town Planner’s staff report dated August 21, 2023, and supplemented September 20, 2023, 2023 because travel center is not listed as an allowed use within the Town of Larkspur under the current zoning code. 

MOTION:  Sandy McKeown made a motion to direct staff to initiate the process for Town Council to consider whether travel center should be added to the list of allowed uses within the Town and, if so, in which zone districts and under what conditions, with the process to include the Town Planner providing comments to the Planning Commission; followed by the Planning Commission considering the planner’s comments and public comment at a public meeting, and making a recommendation to the Town Council; followed by the Town Council considering the planner’s comments, the Planning Commission’s recommendation and deciding whether to adopt an ordinance adding travel center as a use allowed within the Town of Larkspur, and if so, where and under what conditions, as more specifically described in the Town Code.

MOTION:  Sandy McKeown made a motion to use Baseline Engineering as the Town Planner during this process under its existing contract if Baseline Engineering is willing to do so.  Mindy Kazurova seconded the motion.  Roll call vote.  Discussion on why the town outsourced to another planner and whether it is a conflict of interest for the planner now.

MOTION:  Sandy McKeown made a motion considering Town Councils conclusion that travel center is not an allowed use under the current zoning code I move that the current application filed by Off the Chain 2, LLC and MEQ-Larkspur, LLC, not be processed further, unless and until such use is allowed. 

Updated: 2/1/2024