Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Department is dedicated to guiding residents and businesses through the process of developing their properties, keeping the Town Master Plan in mind as well as aiming to maintaining the beauty and small-town charm of Larkspur.

Current Projects under Review

255 Upper Lake Gulch Road— Proposed Travel Center
Town Council passed an ordinance to change 255 Upper Lake Gulch Road from PUD zoning to Commercial zoning during their regular council meeting on 7/21/22 after public hearings at both Planning Commission and Town Council. The developer, MEQ, submitted a Site Plan application on 10/10/22 for this property to be a Travel Center. Referral agency packets were sent out and comments have been received on referral responses with a second submittal of the Site Plan. Four variances were presented to Town Council and voted on at the 12/15/22 Town Council meeting. All four variances were approved, with conditions. Resolution 2023-03 defines those variances related to perimeter landscape/setbacks, ADA parking standards, use of Spruce Mountain Road right of way, and Colorado Fish and Game planting recommendations. Another set of variances were requested on 3/2/23. Only variance #8 was approved and five through seven were not voted on due to needing more information from the town engineer. Variance #8 is in regard to code section 16-6-70(f)(5)(a) and allows for landscaping lower than 10 feet due to CORE Electric not permitting trees taller than 10 feet within 20 feet of the lines, poles and structures. On March 23, 2023, a special meeting of the Town Council was held to review the history of the travel center and to go over next steps. Audio minutes are available on the Town Council web page. Town Staff noted all concerns and will address each of them with the developers. Referral comments are being reviewed between the engineers. Baseline Engineering has been hired as the Town Planner to review the site plan. Baseline has completed its initial review. Click here to read the report

9070 S Douglas Blvd Storage Building
This Site Plan was approved by the Planning Commission and Town Council. The project is permitted and currently under construction.

233 Perry Park Ave
A public hearing before the Town Council was held on April 6, 2023 at 5pm, where CRS Sections 31-12-104 and 105, as amended, of the Municipal Annexation Act of 1965 were determined to be met in the Wilbanks' petition for annexation and a subsequent resolution (2023-06) was approved and signed stating that all requirements of the above statutes were met, making this property eligible for annexation. The property owners have submitted all required items to rezone to Business zoning. There will be a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission on July 12, 2023 in the meeting room of the Town Council at 8720 Spruce Mountain Road at 5pm. There will be a Public Hearing before the Town Council on July 20, 2023 in the meeting room of the Town Council at 8720 Spruce Mountain Road at 5pm.On July 12, the Planning Commission voted to recommend annexation and Business zoning. On July 20, Town Council voted to approve annexation and Business zoning. The annexation has been signed and recorded with Douglas County.

9138 Spruce Mountain Road
A Site Plan Application was received on 11/29/22 along with the Site Plan fee and deposit. We are still awaiting the other required items per Chapter 16, Article 6 of the Municipal Code.

Jellystone at Larkspur
Sun Communities submitted a second amendment to the Amended and Restated Annexation and Development Agreement to the Bear View property. This agreement is to include and develop the Steyn parcel that was purchased by Sun Communities in 2021. It is being reviewed by a development planner.

Fox Farm Property
Lone Tree Trust presented their concept plan at a joint meeting with the Planning Commission and Town Council on 2/23/23.  The concept was withdrawn by the developer on 2/27/23. The developer submitted another concept and requested a review by the town's planner. Click here to read the report from the planner.

9181 Spruce Mountain Road
A preapplication meeting was held with the owner of The Corner Market to go over requirements for adding an enclosed seating area to the property.

Updated: 9/6/2023

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