Business License & Sales Tax Reporting

The Town of Larkspur issues over 500 business licenses throughout the fiscal year. Business Licenses are processed through the Town of Larkspur’s  Clerk’s office. Business License renewal applications are due each calendar year on March 31st. If you are a new business an initial Business License application must be submitted to the Clerk’s office. For Business License fees please refer to Ordinance 6.16 or click the appropriate form on this page.

The Town imposes a 4% sales tax rate on certain goods and services. The Town also has a 2% lodging tax. For a list of these types of goods and services please refer to Ordinance No. 7.52.

If you are sending a phyiscal return or business license application please make sure the address is 8720 Spruce Mountain Road, Larkspur CO 80118.


The above electronic form does work for both new and renewals, just select the renewal payment depending on the date of submission.

If filing a $0 tax return, you are required to fill out the form, it does not require payment but lets us keep track of any delinquencies. 

For information on filing frequency for your company please follow the requirements listed here.

  • Your tax report must be submitted according to your selected reporting requirements even if there are no taxes to report.
  • All tax reporting is due by the 20th of the month following the month you are reporting.
  • For exemption and other sales tax questions, please contact us at (303) 681-2324 or