Larkspur has Changed to State Collected Sales Tax

State Collecting for Sales Tax

Effective February 1, 2022, for all filing periods beginning January 1, 2022, and forward you will no longer remit your sales tax payments to the Town of Larkspur.  We have transferred tax collection responsibility to the State of Colorado.

You will report directly to the State of Colorado and have the capability to file online.  To expedite your payment and avoid late charges, your remittance should be made out to the STATE OF COLORADO.  If you send your check to the Town of Larkspur, we cannot forward it.  We will have to return it to you, and you will have to remit another check made payable to the STATE OF COLORADO. 


The process for remitting your sales tax and renewal forms will be explained in detail below:

Sales tax due to Larkspur will be administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue All information on how to submit payments can be found under the payments tab on their website.

For those filing revenue online you will now see the city column available for filing the Town of Larkspur.  If you don't see the city column you will need to contact to get that corrected.